Jan 26 2019
  • 11:00 AM

Harrison Assessments Accreditation

Level I & Level II Accreditation training and subsequent competency demonstration ensure that participants can correctly understand and communicate the basic Harrison Theories and trait meanings as well as accurately deliver feedback. It establishes the right habits of exploration and facilitation instead of evaluation and advice giving.This certification ensures that all our partners can effectively use Harrison Reports and professionally represent the Harrison brand. It assures basic competency and accuracy of interpretation but does NOT otherwise restrict you in [...]

Jan 31 2019
  • 11:00 AM

Power of Paradox

Join us in this Master Class and explore your life & leadership dynamics using “the power of paradox” By attending this Master Class, it’s 100% guaranteed that you will: – understand that your greatest strength is not necessarily your genuine strength – identify your blind spot in your leadership when driving your business and life – learn how to adopt paradoxical thinking – address tensions as paradoxes rather than trade-offs or compromise [contact-form-7 id=”9″]

Nov 25 2019
  • 09:00 AM

Global Executive Mindset

The Global Executive Mindset (GEM) program, derived from the book “The 5% Zone” is a transformative program that uniquely blends Business Communication, Executive Presence and Cultural Awareness in one effective package with invaluable personal Feedback & Coaching on how you come across to senior management. Whilst your business results and functional expertise are essential for your current growth, they are merely a foundation for longer term success in the organization. There are many other behaviors that you have to [...]

Feb 25 2020
  • 9:00 AM
  • Novotel Hotel Cairo, 6th of October

AN EL AWAN (آن الأوان)

An El-Awan is a call to action. It’s time for you to take stock of your life, to wake up and realize your full potential, to decide not to just fit the mold, to break free of many not necessarily current paradigms and learn new ways of looking at things with greater depth and understanding. The workshop is a practical journey in Self Discovery leading to a behavioral change not about life coaching and soul searching. You will be [...]