2019/11/25 09:00
Nov 25 2019

Global Executive Mindset

  • 09:00 AM

The Global Executive Mindset (GEM) program, derived from the book “The 5% Zone” is a transformative program that uniquely blends Business Communication, Executive Presence and Cultural Awareness in one effective package with invaluable personal Feedback & Coaching on how you come across to senior management. Whilst your business results and functional expertise are essential for your current growth, they are merely a foundation for longer term success in the organization. There are many other behaviors that you have to display especially at executive meetings, on key conference calls, important company events and strategic presentations. It is here at these events that you will be recognized (or not) as someone ready for the next level. The question is; “how do you acquire these skills and get feedback on how you really come across?” Frequently you get false pleasantries. Some companies refer to this as being “corporate nice”.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Equip participants with practical skills to enhance their personal effectiveness in Leading, Managing and Working within an organization.
  • Employ the G.E.M. philosophy to overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors preventing managers and talents from being competent on a global platform.
  • Develop behavioral change through integrating both global & local values and business practice
  • Develop skills to speak up clearly, push back appropriately and express one’s points of view confidently both internally and on a global stage
  • Learn to connect personally & professionally, build trust and contribute through taking ownership, influencing corporate decisions.


Stephen Krempl

Speaker | Author | Consultant | President and CEO of Krempl Communications International (KCI)

Stephen acquired his global perspective and unique style over two decades of service with Fortune 500 companies, which include Motorola, PepsiCo Restaurants, YUM Brands, and Starbucks, where he was the Chief Learning Officer and VP of Global Learning in Seattle, Washington.

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