2020/02/25 09:00
Feb 25 2020

AN EL AWAN (آن الأوان)

  • 9:00 AM
  • Novotel Hotel Cairo, 6th of October

An El-Awan is a call to action. It’s time for you to take stock of your life, to wake up and realize your full potential, to decide not to just fit the mold, to break free of many not necessarily current paradigms and learn new ways of looking at things with greater depth and understanding. The workshop is a practical journey in Self Discovery leading to a behavioral change not about life coaching and soul searching. You will be exposed to the views of at least 10 globally recognized authority speakers on the subject all molded into one specific message addressed to you.

Why should you attend?
The singular objective of this two-day workshop is to have you actively participate in asking your “Self” a series of pivotal questions leading to a better understanding of who you are. Immerse yourself in discussions while taking a journey from the inside out recording your own personal insights and reflections into your workbook!

Who should attend?
This is a public workshop, with public meaning; the general public like in a theater. This workshop is generic and wide in scope focused on YOU as a human being irrespective of position or rank. So, if your family is a working family (working in various fields), you can most certainly attend as a family unit, along with your friends joining your colleagues and their working family and friends as well

About the Facilitator – Emad Mahmoud:

Emad has more than 35 years of learning and development experience at various industries. His employment career varied from travel agent, to hotels with HILTON where he reignited his passion for training and development in the business world. After opening the Luxor Hilton he decided to become a training specialist, and so back in 1990 joined the Oil industry with AMOCO Oil for a couple of years before shifting to the Restaurant business and FMCG with the Americana Group where he held a number of positions at the HR Corporate Office.

With the accumulated experience as a Senior Facilitator offering world class certified programs by international brands like;

  • Covey, famously recognized for the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
  • Ken Blanchard, best known for Situational Leadership.
  • Vital Smarts, known for Crucial Conversations its first NY Best seller … to name a few,
    for a little over a decade he has put all that into his signature workshop An El Awan.

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